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Refrigerated Storage Containers


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Industry Leading Technology

Tuff Box is the only local supplier of commercial grade refrigerated containers. No more having to refill diesel!  Our electrical refrigerated shipping containers are equipped with Carrier refrigeration. Carrier is the worldwide expert in container products like ours, with more units in operation today than any others. We trust Carrier for our refrigerated containers because of their best-in-class performance, quality, and service.

refrigerated storage container doorsinside of a cold storage containerstack of refrigerated cold storage shipping containers

The refrigeration containers are insulated and are an “all electric” cooling system. This system will allow your products to be stored at a specific temperature between below 0°F and up to 75°F, depending on your needs. A refrigerated container is perfect for cold industrial storage, extra food storage, and agricultural products.

Built Tough

With a solid floor design and tough exterior construction, pulling product from them with pallet jacks is easier than traditional dock height trailers.

Accurate Temperature Control

Temperatures can be set from a range of below 0 to above 75 degrees Fahrenheit, making it customizable to your unique needs.

Ground Level Access

Ground floor access. Our refrigerated containers are safe to enter and easy to get in and out of, without stairs!

Powered by Electricity

3 phase electric power allows our refrigerated containers to run quietly and more efficiently compared to its diesel-powered competition.

Lock Box

Our specialized lock boxes prevent theft and increase security for your goods and products that are stored in the container.

Multiple Size Applications

We offer 20-foot and 40-foot high cube (9’ 6” tall) cold storage, refrigerated shipping containers.


Specialty Container Locks

When paired with our already standard lock boxes, your cold storage container will be very secure from theft and tampering.

Loading Ramps

Make getting product and items in and out of your refrigerated unit a cinch with our matching loading ramps.

Built for Efficiency

Say goodbye to diesel-powered refrigerated trailers. Our refrigerated shipping containers are electric powered, environmentally friendly, and super efficient compared to other refrigeration storage options. The vapor injection system delivers more cooling capacity, while the aluminized coating creates maximum insulation and rust protection. These improvements reduce the amount of power our refrigerated container units take to work, making them an easy and efficient cold storage option.
reefer refrigerated shipping and cold storage container

Container Dimensions and Specs

Tuff Box refrigerated shipping containers are available with two size options for you to choose from; Both 20- and 40-foot sizes are 9’ 6” tall offering plenty of vertical storage.

20-foot Refrigerated Container


20-foot refrigerated container

External Dimensions

Length 20’
Width 8’
Height 8’ 6"

External Dimensions

Length 20’
Width 8’
Height 8’ 6"

40-foot refrigerated container


40-foot refrigerated container

External Dimensions

Length 40’
Width 8’
Height 9’ 6"

External Dimensions

Length 37' 11"
Width 7’ 6"
Height 8’ 4"


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Physical Damage Waivers


While you are renting a cold storage unit, you can protect yourself from possible shipping container damage when you pay a small fee that will protect you from:

  • Explosions
  • Fire and Smoke Damage
  • Collision with a vehicle
  • Vandalism
  • Lightning
  • Flood
  • Windstorm/Tornado
  • Hail
  • Theft

You can protect yourself from most damage that may occur on an industrial site or parking lot with the Tuff Box Physical Damage Waiver.

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Delivery of Your Mobile Refrigerated Storage Container


To deliver your refrigerated unit, we ask that you select a level, clear site, at least as long as the size of the container you have chosen. This can be on your land, in a parking lot, on a street, or even in your warehouse. Wherever you plan to keep the container. It needs to be clear of snow, ice, or other major obstructions, like rocks or cars, etc.

We will bring your refrigerated storage container to the chosen location at a scheduled time. Once we get to the chosen delivery site, we’ll need someone to be available to verify exactly where we will need to drop off your container and to sign for the container delivery. Then we will get your container off the flatbed trailer truck and into the right place for you.

cold storage delivery diagram