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Shipping Containers are more secure than all other containerized storage.

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Temporary Storage Solutions Built Tough

New house? Moving? Remodeling? Or maybe you’re helping a family member move their stuff. Whatever it is, you don’t want to use pod-type for moving and storage. They are easily broken, broken into, and generally made poorly. It wouldn’t take much for a person with bad intentions to use a hammer or crowbar to get into them. For reasons like these, you should definitely not use pod storage for moving and storage. Instead, use a moving storage container from Tuff Box. Our temporary storage solutions will help you keep your personal items from being taken or harmed. Pod containers are cheaply made and way too easy to steal from, with their wooden and plastic structures.

Sturdy, Secure Storage Containers

Our moving storage containers are created from 14 gauge steel, are wind- and watertight, and can be delivered to your location. These steel storage containers are made to last in months of long and brutal travels at sea, so you know they can definitely protect your items for a few months while you get moved from house to house. Whether you have a lot to move or a little, we have the temporary storage solution for you.

Moving, remodeling or any kind of temporary displacement is hard enough without adding the stress of losing anything to theft or weather. Our storage containers provide all of the security options you would expect and we’ve added options such as our special theft resistant locks to give you that added peace of mind while you move to your new home. Month to month options allow you the flexibility to get through the move without having to worry about commitments or whether you need it for a longer period of time than you originally had in mind. The bottom line is you want something that is safe, secure, and sturdy enough to hold your belongings without breaking the bank. Our shipping containers are a perfect solution to your temporary storage needs.


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7 Reasons to Use a Tuff Box instead of a Pod Unit for Moving and Storage:

  1. Your items will be dry and safe from the weather because they were made to handle all sorts of weather.
  2. You can’t shine a flashlight through the walls of any of our sturdy, steel moving storage containers. They are secure and theft resistant so your valuables will stay safer in our containers versus pod storage.
  3. Damage Waivers are available, just in case anything does go wrong with your container and belongings.
  4. Options for affordable short-term or long-term storage on your property, month-to-month.
  5. Purchase options in case you decide you like the container enough to get one for yourself.
  6. We have larger options than pod storage for moving and storage. For when you have a lot to move and store, we have 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot options available.
  7. It’s easy to expand a vertical footprint with our containers because they can be stacked if you need more storage space, but don’t need to take up more square footage.
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10-foot storage container, 40-foot double door container and a 20-foot shipping container

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