Overflow Storage for Restaurants and Retail Stores

Simple and secure parking lot storage solutions for retail overstock and restaurant inventory.

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Retail Overstock Storage and Extra Storage for Restaurants

Affordable retail storage can be hard to find, or when you can get it, it can be expensive. Many businesses know how much extra space is worth to them, but the construction of new storage space can cost a lot of money, not to mention a lot of time; time that most retail businesses can’t afford to lose. You need something secure that you can trust to leave in the parking lot without having to worry about thieves breaking into your valuable inventory. You need it to be weatherproof so that nothing inside gets wet or damaged. You need something that is sturdy and can handle getting bumped around while also being able to look like it belongs or at the least, doesn’t stick out too much, even if you do stick it in the back of the parking lot. Luckily, our storage containers are a perfect and easy answer to all of these problems.


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Professional and Affordable Temporary or Long-term Parking Lot Storage  

Tuff Box storage containers have the answer to your budget and storage needs. When you need the space and need it quicker than your budget can allow you to build it, our storage containers provide you the kind of weatherproof, theft-resistant, and affordable space you need for your retail store or restaurant.

  • Delivered - We deliver the containers directly to you, ready to use at the time of delivery.
  • Security  - With our special lock guards and specialty locks, you will not have to worry about anyone getting into them without your say so.
  • Professional Appearance - Our rental fleet of containers is painted a neutral color that should blend into the background without sticking out.
  • Limit Risk - Tuff Box also offers damage waivers in case anything happens to the container or its contents while you have it on your property.
  • Built Tough - Tuff Box containers can’t be moved without heavy machinery and are made out of 14 gauge steel, with on-the-ground access and ramps available to make loading and unloading easier than ever for you.
  • Modular - Need more space? Add another container. With their modular footprint, our storage containers are easy to stack or add together in a row while providing you that needed storage room

With Tuff Box, you can get that retail and/or commercial restaurant storage you need without breaking the bank or costing your business time that it can’t afford to lose.

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