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Buy Your Own Mini Storage Unit and Stop Wasting Money

Did you go to rent that mini storage unit thinking you would be out of it in 3 months and end up still having it, 3 years later? That’s one thing you can say when you buy mini storage: It is effective, but you cannot say it is affordable or even convenient. Mini storage units charge you monthly to go to their location with your stuff and unload it yourself. Why waste money on all that driving? Why waste that money on someone else’s property? With mobile storage containers from Tuff Box, we bring the mini storage to you. Complete with delivery, you can get a quote for a mobile storage container to keep your stuff safe and secure while you’re building a house, or for extra storage just because you need more room. With mobile storage containers on your property, you don’t have to drive all the way to the mini storage just to go back to the house; your stuff is on site, right where you need it.

Benefits of a Tuff Box Mobile Storage Unit Container:

  • Safe from the weather. Just like a mini storage, your items will be dry and safe from the weather.
  • Unlink mini storage units, a Tuff Box is built from 14 gauge steel and extra sturdy.
  • Our mobile storage containers are both secure and theft resistant, so you don’t have to worry about thieves getting their hands on your things.
  • We offer Damage Waivers for our lease-to-own and rental containers, for those “just in case” type of people.


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Storage on Your Terms; Mobile Storage Solutions for Every Need

Why pay someone else for their property when you already have the space for storage in a more convenient area, on your own land or property? We know you really don’t like to use mini storage units, especially for a long amount of time. No one does. So why use them when there are other great storage solutions available? Quit giving your money away to the mini storage and bring the storage to your place. Tuff Box containers are a perfect answer to your long term storage needs because we make storage easy and affordable. With a storage size for your every need, it’s storage on your terms.

Need a small storage unit? We have 10-foot mobile storage containers available for you to consider. Do you need more space? Our 40-foot mobile storage containers will fit you just fine. You can use them as an extra garage, keeping extra tools or gardening supplies inside. Ditch the mini storage and bring all of your antiques, car parts, holiday decorations, and other important miscellaneous items back to your property. Bring all of your building materials back to you, where you can use them when you want to.

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