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Tough Farm Equipment and Agriculture Operational Storage

You need easy, secure equipment and production storage on the farm and ranch. Tuff Box containers are built tough and secure, perfect for any agricultural operation from the plains to the hills. You need a place to hold feed, seed, fertilizers, tools, and equipment that’s easy to access, while providing not only a secure holding place, but also strong enough to withstand all the heavy machinery and tough conditions on your property. Not to mention the dirt and grime. You can’t be worried about if it’ll blow away with the wind, or leak in a storm, and with Tuff Box for your ranch storage, that’ll never be a problem! We guarantee a wind and watertight product to keep your items safe and secure while they sit on your land. They are made to sit on a ship for months in all kinds of weather, so you know they can sit on the farm without a problem.

Benefits of a Tuff Box storage container for Farm and Ranch:

  • Corrosion resistant; their protective coating prevents deeper structural damage (rust)
  • Built from 14 gauge steel; the toughest storage solution for farms
  • Secure and theft resistant; no need to worry about leaving our containers unattended
  • Damage Waivers available for your peace of mind for lease-to-own and rental containers


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Mobile and Secure Agricultural Storage Solutions

Every operation, big and small, needs secure and reliable storage for small tools, equipment, and more. With a Tuff Box storage container, you get all of this plus more. Our storage containers are mobile, so they can come to you. They are naturally weather resistant, built to last at sea for decades in salt water and storms; heat and humidity. Some containers are ventilated, so fertilizers can breathe and mold and mildew don’t get trapped inside, on your stuff. Tools will last longer, not just thrown to the side, out in the weather. With our special lock guards and specialty locks, you don’t have to worry about thieves in the night. All in all, our storage containers are the perfect agricultural storage solution for your farm or ranch!

10 Reasons Why You Need a Shipping Container  on Your Ranch or Farm

  1. Safe, secure storage that you can keep wherever you need it.
  2. Tough storage that can handle the dirt.
  3. Mobile storage directly on the ranch or farm.
  4. Strong and theft resistant storage to prevent things from “walking off”.
  5. Keep tools, feed, and small equipment at hand in a convenient location
  6. Smaller than a barn or storage building, and more affordable.
  7. Little to no maintenance.
  8. Optional damage waivers offer you protection from typical bumps, scratches, and scrapes, PLUS the unthinkable.
  9. Ready-made storage. No need to hire a team to build it. Delivered right to you!
  10. Affordable lease-to-own options with low monthly payments and no credit checks.
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