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Custom containers and accessories


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Tuff Box Custom Shipping Containers
shipping container shelving and storage

Shelving and Storage

We can add cabinets, closets, tables, and shelving that  keep your conex box, equipment, and property organized for easy access, while adding more opportunity for storage, giving you a bigger bang for your buck.
custom shipping container flooring


Most container come stock with some kind of wooden flooring. We offer a huge variety of flooring options from vinyl to real wood or diamond plate to polyurethane coating.

exterior lighting

Exterior Lighting

Add a security light, spot lights, or work lights to the outside of your container for extra lighting.
Shipping container windows

Windows and Openings

Add heavy-duty steel framed windows with steel bar glass guards for extra protection and security for your container. Wanting something less rugged and more stylish? We've got options!
Shipping Container Locks

Locks and Lock Boxes

Our lock guards are the best in the industry and proven to keep your belongings and equipment safe from theft. Our locks are almost impossible to pick and cut when used in combination with our lock boxes.


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Shipping container plumbing


Want a sink, restroom, or shower for your new workshop or shed? We can plumb the shipping containers in many different ways for everything from sinks to showers to toilets.
internet and cable readiness

Cable Readiness

Want to be able to access the internet or watch television in your new workshop? We can equip your container with coaxial connections for cable and internet readiness.

shipping container heating and air


Stay comfortable by adding heating and cooling to your container! We can add multiple types of systems from commercial grade HVAC to smaller units.
Shipping container interior led lighting

Interior Lighting

We provide multiple lighting options for the inside of your container. From LED, halogen, and recessed lighting, pick the option that works best for your application.
Shipping container doors

Multiple Door Options

We can add a steel security door or roll up door to your conex container box. Access your equipment and belongings the way the suits you best!

Custom Add-Ons and Accessories


Tuff Box Containers offers several add-on and accessory options. We perform all custom alterations in-house saving you money and delivering the best possible quality. All custom work is done by a team of professional and well-trained technicians. Whether it’s to increase the security of your conex box, customize a new workspace, or add more access points, our knowledgeable design staff can make it happen for you.
custom electric


Pick the type of electrical hook up that works best for you. We can wire your conex in multiple ways including 220, 110, solar, and 3 phase with multiple receptacles and a breaker box.

Custom Designed Containers


Tuff Box delivers in-house custom design services. Whether you're looking for a simple add-on like a lock guard, side door, window, electrical, roll up door, or you are wanting a full workshop or shed we have you covered. Our custom build team is skilled and ready to customize any container to make it fit your needs.

Even if you aren’t sure how to make your container as flexible as you need it, our design staff is specially trained to fit your desired add-ons into your box and can also tell you when something can be done better. We can make sure that your new custom conex is everything you want and need, while making sure its safe, secure, and provides all the benefits a heavy-duty container can offer. We’ve built offices, firework stands, concession stands, bunkers, deer blinds, workshops, sheds, bridges and more, and our team of highly skilled, professional builders are ready for your challenge.
Shipping container ticket booth
Using a shipping container as a bridge
installing doors on a shipping container
open side custom shipping container
Double swing doors in the middle of a shipping container
Red white and blue shipping container
Custom shipping container doors
Giant swing doors on a shipping container
Shipping container painted white
Window door on a conex container
custom paint and HVAC in a shipping container
drywall in a shipping container
Custom doors in a conex container
electrical ran in a shipping container
shipping container painted brown
custom shipping container office
shipping container custom LED Lighting
Custom Shipping container on a trailer
Shipping container drywall
Shipping container insulation
custom shipping container swing door
custom shipping container window
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