What does it mean to buy a "Prefab" Container?

November 1, 2018

What are Prefab Shipping Container Homes?

Prefab shipping containers homes are are prefabricated homes made from shipping containers. These containers are typically built from used storage containers and repurposed to be off-the-grid living spaces.

With the rise of shipping container usage, came shipping container homes. Although storage containers took out the guesswork in putting up house framing, the public demanded even further convenience. Cue prefab shipping container homes. Prefab is simply the short form of prefabricated, meaning a shipping container home pre-made with the basic trappings of a home.

Many prefab homes can be purchased right out of the convenience of your home. Dozens of online retailers offer prefab homes for purchase with multiple styling options available. Although this may seem to be the most simple and cost effective means of purchasing your shipping container home, it is definitely not.

Buying anything that is fabricated ahead of time means that your choices are limited and prices is generally pretty firm. If you’re looking to purchase a conex box house, we advise that you either partner with a company like ours OR purchase your shipping container and THEN have it fabricated. This gives you total, hands on control of what does and does not happen to your home’s interior.

Without getting too in the weeds here, we’ll outline a few points to consider:


  • Save on time and labor
  • Delivery straight to location
  • Could save money on home appliances or furniture


  • Price
  • Inability to customize
  • Delivery fees
  • No option for adding more square footage
  • Cookie Cutter home

Again, we highly recommend that you either purchase your own container and customize your Conex house by yourself OR work with a company like us. This will ensure you get the best bang for your buck and still receive the customized home you truly want. To learn more about how we can help you build your next conex box house, give us a call at 855-861-2872.

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