Unique Shipping Container Structures around the Globe

November 9, 2018

As the rise of shipping containers continues, people are becoming more and more creative in their use of this versatile product. Although we’ve covered a few unique uses of shipping containers in the past, we have recently come across a few neat finds we would like to share with you. Below is a list of the 7 most interesting uses of shipping containers worldwide.

Shopping mall of Christchurch, New Zealand

The “ReStart mall” was built shortly after a devastating earthquake hit Christchurch New Zealand in February of 2011. The founders of this cutting edge shopping center knew that the rebuild of traditional structures would take too long. They wanted to replace what was lost as soon as possible to give community members a sense of returned normalcy and incentive to carry on as usual. What started as a simple effort to bring hope to a crumbled city has become a quintessential tourist attraction.

The Boxyard, Tulsa Oklahoma

According to their website “The Boxyard is constructed out of 39 repurposed shipping containers that have been traveling the globe for the past 10 years.” This too is a big tourist attraction for the locals. The Boxyard of Tulsa is home to a mix of local shops and cuisine.

Shipping Container Bridge in Tel Aviv

This one is tough to explain but the concept itself is interesting. The bridge stretches across the Ayalon River, granting citizens access to the planned Ariel Sharon Park. This new park is intended to transform 2,000 acres of the previously closed Hiriya waste dump into a nature reserve. This will all be located just South East of Tel Aviv and will hopefully bring a new life to an otherwise misused chunk of land.

Mobile Science Labs in the Arctic

Shipping containers are the perfect candidate for mobile labs and we can’t believe this isn’t bigger news. Containers can be fitted for all types of environments and easily lifted onto the large ships travellers commonly use to reach places such as the Arctic.

Shipping Container Hotel in Texas

The Flophouse Hotel in Roundtop, Texas gives visitors a chance to try out the tiny living lifestyle. The hotel uses all recycled materials for their build to truly round out their eco friendly ideal. The hotel currently offer 6 different units but plans to add more units to the fleet by the end of the year.

Container Park, Las Vegas

Located in Downtown Vegas, this colorful and dynamic park offers a multitude of options for visitors. The expansive park has it all from an interactive kids playground, gourmet dining options and concerts to movies, boutique shops and more.

The BiebBus

This library on wheels is a great cause and regularly travels to different schools across the Zaan region of Amsterdam. According to their website, “BiebBus is a truck-container that travels from school to school, offering 7,000 books and a reading room.”

More and more clever ideas are popping up everyday in the way of shipping containers. We hope to continue to bring you more shipping container ideas as they develop. If you are looking to start a custom shipping container project of your own, give us a shout. We would love to work with you on your next big time idea.

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