Top 6 uses for a shipping container on a construction site

October 22, 2018

We’ve talked about our rental mobile office containers in the past. However, our top customer for these office storage containers is often construction companies. As this is often the case, we wanted to provide our valued customers and potential customers with the top 7 uses for conex rental offices. We’ll cover some ideas you may have missed and highlight the key benefits to choosing a Tuff Box Container as your construction site storage solution.

Mobile office

This one might seem obvious but secure office space is a MUST HAVE on almost any job site. Whether it’s blueprints, employee documents, work materials or construction equipment, your Tuff Box mobile office container will keep your items safe and secure throughout the entirety of your project. Our containers allow you to leave work knowing that your possessions will be safe from theft and protected from the elements. Our rental Conex storage offices.

diagram showing features of a 20-foot onsite construction office

Climate controlled break room

Our shipping container offices are wind and water tight. Every rental office container also comes equipped with air vents and a commercial grade HVAC system. This makes our shipping container offices the best possible option for a safe, cool and efficiently built lunch room. We can place the container wherever is most convenient for you so break time will happen out of the way of day to day operations.


20-foot mobile office built out of a shipping container

Changing room

If your employees need to swap out clothing before, during or after work hours, our steel containers are the perfect option for on site locker rooms. Employees can leave their work and personal items securely on site without the worry of theft. Each shipping container office rental comes fitted with lock boxes and barred windows specially designed for around the clock protection.

tan 20-foot mobile office container


security lock guard on a shipping container door

On-Site equipment storage

It can be a hassle lugging every little item to and from work every day. If you’re needed both and office and bonus on site storage, our shipping container office/storage option is the answer you’re looking for. Whether you opt for the 20ft or 40ft container, you’ll have ample room for both your desk, chairs and on site equipment.

onsite storage containers in front of a hospital under construction

First aid rooms

Every job site will have different container needs but a 10ft or 20ft rental container may be all that’s needed for a first aid room. Whether you need to keep a person on staff or just need a place to keep the first aid kit, these containers are the go to solution.

shipping container trade show display booth

Material Storage

Sick of your raw materials being stolen after hours? Pack it up into one of our 20ft, 40ft or 45ft shipping containers for rent.

shipping container office on a parking lot of a construction site

The uses for a rental shipping container on construction sites are virtually limitless. Each job site is different and will require different things from its conex container but Tuff Box is always up for a challenge. Be sure to contact us today or use our live chat feature to get a free quote on your next shipping container office or container storage unit.

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