The trouble with traditional storage solutions

January 3, 2019

If you’re currently paying monthly on a storage unit, we’re sorry to tell you that you’re money is going to waste. Not only are traditional storage methods expensive but they’re also unreliable, not secure and often not resistant to various weather conditions. We hope that by reviewing the below issues with storage solutions, you will feel more sure in your decision to choose a shipping container as your permanent storage solution.

Here are just some of the top issues with traditional storage solutions:

  1. Money Grubbers

Often times, you’ll find that storage units will vary greatly in pricing. This is because storage unit facilities have the capability to set their own pricing. You may find a bargain somewhere but be charged mile high prices somewhere else.

    2. Poor Customer Service

If you need help after business hours, you’re often out of luck when it comes to storage units. Hell, in our experience, you may not even get someone during business hours. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard horror stories about customers being locked out of their units and not being able to get ahold of anyone to let them in.

    3. Restricted Hours of Access

This goes a little hand and hand with the above. If you’re paying for a storage solution, you shouldn’t be told when and where you can access your storage. Many storage facilities have business hours and restricted hours of access.

    4. Safety Compromised

Once someone is inside a storage facility, what’s to stop them from prying their way into your unit? Many storage facilities offer camera surveillance but little to no other security features.

    5. Have to Drive to location

Driving to your storage location may well be the most inconvenient aspect of traditional storage. If you’ve recently moved or just happen to live a decent distance from your storage, you’ll be forking over even more money in gas.

    6. Unreliable

When you do not own your storage solution, it is always possible for things to go wrong or for things to change. Your space may not only be broken into but you may see a surge in price. This may not happen during your agreement term but we often find that when looking to renew or go into another month to month contract, people find prices have gone up time and time again.

When it comes to finding the perfect storage solution, we believe that shipping containers are always the answer. We hope the above listed items have opened up your eyes a bit to the cons of using traditional storage methods and that you will decide to take ownership of your own storage today! If you’d like to learn more about renting to own or purchasing your own shipping container storage solution, give us a call at 855-861-2872

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