The Easiest Way to Prevent Theft on Your Construction Site

February 2, 2018

Construction security is a real concern for any foreman or site manager. Site vandalism and theft are a problem for just about any and every site out there, unless there is money in the budget for fencing, razor or barbed wire, and surveillance or even security guards. As most of us know, that isn’t necessarily the reality for most builds. So how does one manage to secure equipment, tools, and materials? Well, most equipment is lockable like a regular vehicle. Tools can be locked up in trucks and in tool boxes. But even with these security safeguards, there are stories about vandals destroying or incapacitating equipment. People that steal equipment or take them for joy rides or steal materials from building sites.

Construction Equipment Theft Stats

Image from the National Equipment Register’s 2016 Annual Theft Report.

In 2016, Oklahoma and Arkansas both made it in the top ten states where construction security is most needed because site theft is the worst, and represents 63% of all construction thefts in the United States of America.

So what is the easiest way to prevent these things from happening on your construction site? We have two answers to increase your construction security; A mobile office made from shipping containers that can prevent unauthorized people from getting into it or mobile storage containers that can lock up smaller equipment, tools, and materials in a safe, tough steel container both of which are much harder to break into than a cheap trailer or toolbox or work truck.

Affordable Additions to Your Construction Security

Compared to all of the other construction security measures mentioned above, a nice, well-maintained mobile office built from heavy duty 14 gauge steel is a much more affordable way to keep valuable tools and other items locked away from thieves. Compared to a cheaply made trailer, a mobile office container is Fort Knox. Reinforced entry points, including the windows, someone would have to have to really, really want into that office.

Need more than just an office for your peace of mind? Shipping containers can be the perfect storage space for your site. Painted a neutral color, to blend in with the background and look professional as it sits in a parking lot or on a site where appearances are important, renting a shipping container to store your all important materials and smaller equipment can help you sleep at night knowing you’ll be coming in within budget and without worries about thefts or destruction on your site.

Construction Site Container

Cost Breakdown

When we did a search on Google for rental prices for both mobile trailer offices and used shipping containers, we found that on average for the top 5 results for trailer office rentals were between $185 on the lower end and $535 on the higher end, per month and shipping containers ran between $86 per month on the lower end and $240 on the higher end per month. This means renting a used shipping container for your mobile storage needs is much more affordable and budget-friendly as well as more secure than renting a trailer office unit.

Compare average high and low end prices.

Trailer and Container Price Comparison

Even when we add in the average cost to rent a mobile office container, which comes in around $200 per month on the low end, and can get close to $400 for the high end, these are cheaper or at the least comparable options to a trailer office with the added benefit of being more secure.

All the Benefits, No Drawbacks

When it comes down to it, renting a shipping container or a mobile office container to add to your construction security for your materials and smaller equipment on your construction site makes so much more business and budgetary sense than hoping no one will break into your trailer office or leaving material around the site and hope no one steals it, costing you more money to replace and time that you probably don’t have for the project to deal with police reports.

What’s better? Tuff Box offers a damage waiver option that keeps you from having to worry about something happening to the office or container and having to replace it or fix it. Simple as that. We’ll take care of it. Let’s take a look at all of the benefits of using a container for your construction site storage or workspace:

  • Heavy Duty, Sturdy Construction. Containers and offices are built from 14-gauge COR-TEN Steel that take a hit or two from your heavy machinery without breaking as well as tough epoxy flooring.
  • Flexible. Tuff Box offers combination storage and office containers, perfect for any construction site.
  • Numerous Configurations. Some containers utilize double doors, meaning they can open from both sides of the container, giving you extra access.
  • Secure. Both containers and offices are built with security in mind with steel security doors (offices), lock guards, and reinforced entry points (offices).
  • Affordable. Cheaper than renting a typical trailer office.
  • Attractive. Our rental fleets are painted a neutral color and maintained so they don’t stick out to customers or clients as an ugly eye-sore.
  • HVAC, Lighting, Electrical. Our mobile office containers include all the comforts you expect in a professional construction workspace.

When you have to think about every dollar that goes out, it makes a lot of sense to find options that offer you everything you need without a bigger price tag. So when you can add such an easy addition to your construction security that will easily fit in the budget, how can you go wrong? Keep your stuff safe.

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