Shipping Container Swimming Pool Examples to Give You Ideas for Your Next Project

June 1, 2018

Container pools are so popular that there are companies specializing in making them for customers that want them. Since this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and people are also interested in getting new ideas for their own shipping container swimming pools, we wanted to showcase a few of those pools here for you, in case you needed a little inspiration, or in case you had never thought about using a shipping container this way. It’s just another useful way to reuse an item that might otherwise sit in a shipping yard with no place to go.

Small Swimming Pool From a Shipping Container

in-ground swimming pool made from a 20-foot shipping container
pool ladder built into a shipping container pool

This blogger shared some great pictures of his backyard project, where he filled a small, empty galley shaped yard with a shipping container swimming pool he created from what looks like a 20-foot container back in 2008. In his story, he says it took him 15 months (we’re guessing because of the tight space restrictions), but as you can see in his pictures, although small in length, the pool is plenty large enough to soak up some rays or take a dive to the bottom and get some exercise in. What used to be a used, old shipping container now is an eye-catching and more affordable way to build a swimming pool in a space that would otherwise not really be a welcoming site to a pool.

The creator also added decking and filtration, to complete to look and feel of an outdoor oasis in such a small area. Now he can take a dip in the pool AND look at the stars. The two pictures above are from when he first posted about the pool, and again 7 years after the project was finished. We’re pretty impressed with it. Doesn’t the blue water just call you in?

Tommy Hilfiger’s Trade Show Container Swimming Pool

young people partying around a transparent shipping container pool

In Berlin, Tommy Hilfiger presented their brand at an art and culture festival known as “Bread & Butter” with a half-transparent shipping container swimming pool of their own (created by 2x20ft), while also showcasing the brand’s clothing and culture. We like the container being transparent because you can see through the walls to the inside of the pool and it adds a fun element to an otherwise normal, industrial piece of equipment. Their pool has also been cut down to a much shorter depth, which does limit it to a rather shallow swimming pool, but it might be more kid friendly as well as easier to fill and clean, so we get it. It obviously still helps people cool off when it’s hot out, so it definitely does its job, and this transparent design may give you and your family new ideas for your own shipping container swimming pool. Just make sure you use an experienced designer. Without plenty of sealants and the right kind of material to accomplish your goal, you may end up with it breaking apart on you.

party location with a shipping container pool at the center

Other Shipping Container Swimming Pools

Across the web, we found some really nice looking container pools and wanted to also showcase them here. There are no blog posts or how-to’s behind them, but the images were inspirational enough, we knew you would appreciate them when trying to figure out how you would like your own shipping container pool to look.

wood siding wrapped shipping container pool

Image from

indoor in-ground swimming pool made from a shipping container

Image from:

above ground pool made from a white shipping container

Image from

rooftop swimming mote made from a shipping container

Image from

shipping container pool surrounded by deck chairs and cabanas

Image from

Companies Specialize in Shipping Container Swimming Pools

If you aren’t the Do It Yourself kind of person, then it’s good to know that there are companies that specialize in creating shipping container swimming pools for you. They can take all the difficult guesswork out of the project and make sure that your container pool is well designed, complete with filtration systems and final touches like paint color, shape, or size. They find the containers, transport them to the right location, and they take care of the cutting, grinding, painting, fabrication, and other details that go into creating a pool from a container, then deliver the final product, or else do the job on your site, depending on the company. You can watch one company’s promotional video for their container pools, below.

This makes owning a shipping container swimming pool much easier, giving you the ability to use it much sooner than if you tried to do the project yourself.

Heated Pools and Hot Tubs from Shipping Containers

A post shared by Modpools (@modpools_official) on Mar 12, 2017 at 10:53am PDT

A post shared by Modpools (@modpools_official) on Jun 20, 2018 at 6:56pm PDT

A post shared by Modpools (@modpools_official) on Jun 13, 2018 at 10:35am PDT

Like we mentioned, there are companies that specialize in creating swimming pools out of shipping containers, and ModPools is one of those companies. However, they also go the extra mile by also adding heaters to some of their pools and creating hot tubs out of other shipping containers. When you compare the cost of an in-ground swimming pool to that of a shipping container pool created by ModPools, you’ll also find the cost is much easier to swallow, which is what makes them so desirable. We can’t say we disagree!

When it comes to making swimming pools out of shipping containers, ultimately, it comes down to shape and how much you will have cut out or change. The easiest way to make one seems to be to find your container, cut the top off, seal it, and fill it, although it’s much more complicated than that, obviously. But if you’re not a DIY’er than there are options available to you through companies that create these container swimming pools for their customers, whether they are custom made or if they have something in inventory. One of these shipping container pools could be a great addition to your property, if you’re looking for an easier, potentially faster way to get a pool in the backyard.

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