Shipping Container Manufacturing: Maersk Container Industry

September 4, 2018

Every industry gets its start somewhere, and those companies that start at the beginning often become iconic or at the least, the most recognized for what they do. Because of this, we dig into the history behind one of the big names in the shipping container manufacturing industry; Maersk Container Industry. We wanted to know what sets them apart and how they got their start in shipping containers.

Maersk Container Industry

The Maersk Container Industry has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying dry shipping containers since 1991. It seems that their winning combination of innovation, quality and reliability gives them the ability to manufacture advanced and cost-efficient shipping equipment such as refrigerated shipping containers and regular - or dry - shipping containers. According to their website.

The original idea behind their company came from a technical manager at the Odense Steel Shipyard; a man named Niels Peter Raun. On his many travels to Asia, he was disappointed again and again by the lack of quality, supply security, and by the high prices of shipping containers to Maersk Line, another Maersk shipping company. When he returned home to Funen, Denmark, he decided there must be a more cost-effective and reliable way of finding and getting the shipping containers the company needed. On January 15, 1991, Maersk Container Industry was born.

In 1995, the company established refrigerated, or “reefer”, container manufacturing in Tinglev, Denmark. They now manufacture refrigerated containers, refrigeration machines and dry containers to the intermodal shipping container industry from locations in China.

What Sets Them Apart in the Container Industry

According to their website, Maersk Container Industry is:

“...driven by a desire to constantly improve the performance and efficiency of our product portfolio. Our aim is to ensure optimum cargo care and lowest energy costs, helping our customers meet their sustainability goals and reduce total cost of ownership in their operations.”

In layman's terms, they are trying to make it as budget friendly as possible to own one of their containers over the course of the container’s lifetime while also helping their customers meet sustainability goals. They also have more than a century’s experience in the shipping industry, which has to set them apart from newer companies. So while innovating new products to make the industry better, they are also trying to help their customers be more eco-friendly. Not something you may expect from a container manufacturer, but good for them.

In fact, the Maersk Container Industry ranked among top-100 in a worldwide survey of more than 900 innovations for one of its reefer containers. Then the companies that ranked in the “Sustainia100” received a positive remark from one of the world’s leading climate scientists, Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chair of the UN panel for climate Change, IPCC for being the most inspiring solutions to some of the world’s climate problems.

“While we don't have the luxury of time to fix the problems, we do have the luxury of readily available solutions. And with Sustainia100, we now know where to find the most inspiring of them,”

Container Manufacturing with the World in Mind

It seems like Maersk has the world in mind for the long haul and we can respect that. It may also set them apart from their competitors. While ultimately a shipping container is a shipping container, particularly when you plan to build a bunker out of one, or use them for extra storage in the back forty of your property, it’s nice to know that the companies behind the container manufacturing process are trying to make innovations that help make the world a better place. And if you are in the market for a container to use and are environmentally conscience yourself, then perhaps you’ll look closely at these things.

Some other things to pay attention to when choosing a container would be things like how well the doors seal, whether there is rust present (penetrating the walls of the container), and if the flooring is solid. All of these things also help keep pests out of your container, while keeping your items dry and safe. Luckily, Tuff Box checks these things when we go to buy our containers from the shipping yards, so you can be sure to get a quality container for your next project, no matter what it is or what size you need.

If you are in the market for a used shipping container, talk to us at Tuff Box and let us help you find out what size will work best for your purposes. Call us at 855-861-2872 to get your free quote with delivery or just chat with us about what’s available and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help find just what you need.

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