Reorganize Your Ranch with Secure Storage Containers

February 14, 2019

Let’s face it. We all know you have equipment and tools and maybe some feed or seed strewn about in the most random places on your property. Most of the time it’s because that’s where you’ll be using it the most or because that’s where the most convenient place to put it is. Or maybe even where you have a building or some sort of other shelter. Maybe you don’t have a shelter or covering for your things. Isn’t annoying having all that money laying around? Doesn’t it bother you a little to have all of it just laying there in wait for someone with unfortunate intentions to come and take it?

We know some ranchers and farmers just consider it another price of doing business. They plan for a certain amount of loss on their equipment, tools, and other supplies. Everyone does. It really is a part of doing business -- When it’s wear and tear or equipment failure or poorly germinating seed, rotten hay, etc. Sure THAT’s the cost of doing business in agriculture. But what if you could very easily change that? What if you could spend a little bit up front and save yourself from thefts? From equipment vandalism? Did you know there were 11,574 farm and ranch equipment thefts in the United States in 2016? That is a 189% increase from 2003 according to the National Equipment Register. And the number of overall crimes and thefts against the agricultural industry only seems to be growing according to this March 2018 report. So what if you could keep everything in one safe place and not strewn all over the property?

Secure Storage Container Equipment Storage for Farms and Ranches

It’s easy to declutter your ranch and save yourself money with secure storage containers. The people and families in ranching and agriculture need rugged storage spaces for their rugged work in the outdoors. A shipping container offers these families and ranching/farming professionals secure and tough protection for equipment, tools, crops, feed, and other supplies and it frees up space in their barns. Not to mention, a container used on farms or ranches is mobile, so it can be placed where ever you need it.

Move all of your off-season equipment into a storage container and re-organize your business supplies. Easily keep your ATVs safe and out of the weather (and away from thieves or vandals). Add more space to a pole barn or workshop. Consider using a secure storage container for a tack barn or tool shed. Not only does this help declutter and re-organize your land, it gives you a secure and affordable space to grow, easily.

Some other practical storage container applications for your farms and ranches:

  • Saddles
  • Hay
  • Seed
  • Bailing wire
  • Fence posts
  • T Posts
  • Chain

On top of the tough, rugged, built-to-last benefits, Tuff Box containers are watertight and weather resistant to keep your things dry, safe, and protected from the elements. This helps prevent premature rusting and wearing of your tools and other equipment or rotting or mildewing of your hay, feed, and seed.

5 Ways Secure Storage Containers Help Declutter Your Farm or Ranch

To recap, here are the 5 major ways secure storage containers help keep your ranch or farm organized, decluttered, and more profitable:

  1. No more losing tools to premature rust and wear. A dry, protected storage container helps keep your tools and equipment dry and protected from all of the elements.
  2. Secure storage containers keep vandals and thieves from taking your hard earned money. Those tools, ATVs, tacking equipment, saddles, and other items aren’t cheap. Keeping them in a secure shipping container keeps them in your hands and out of thieves’ and vandals’.
  3. No more mildew/rot. Leaving your hay, feed, or seed out in a moist area can allow for mildew and rot. Keeping them out of the rain and dry keeps you from losing more money.
  4. Keeps everything where you want it. No more tools left here and there. Storage containers on your farm or ranch keeps things neat and organized, keeping your business organized, too.
  5. Rugged for your rugged work. This isn’t a wooden shed that needs replacing every few years with a roof that leaks. Having a storage container on your land means years of solid steel security.

When you’re ready to expand your business or save your inventory from vandals and thieves, give Tuff Box a call at 855-861-2872.

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