Rental Office Container Options You’re Not Thinking About

April 20, 2018

When you’re looking for a rental mobile office, you may not know about all of the options that are available to you. Sure, mobile trailer offices are pretty popular, but they are made cheap and can’t withstand the abuse of an office container. Some wooden boxes can work in a pinch, but are they really worth the weather you put up with? Rental office containers can include HVAC systems that keep you cool/warm. Interested? Let’s find out more about your options.

Mobile Office Containers are Built Tough

Can you imagine if a bulldozer came through and wasn’t paying enough attention, and bumped into your regular trailer office? Ouch. Constructed from 14-gauge Corten steel, rental office containers are built for the rough and tumble of a construction site, remodeling project, or other type of build site, as well as other areas where having a well-built and heavy duty office could come in handy.

Need to store your construction supplies for your project? Want to give your contractors a place to do their paperwork and keep your materials while they are on your large remodel project? A rental office container could help you and them. Do you need a small office for a pop-up event, but want to be sure it is sturdy? Don’t worry about cars bumping into your ticket booth with a 10-foot rental container office. We also equip our container offices with security features that you might not find on a typical office trailer. Secure locks, lock guards and security bars are on the office windows. Have you ever had to worry about people breaking into your offices? Than you already know how important it can be!


How weather resistant do you think you need your next temporary office to be? Is hail a possibility? Those dings can batter the roofs of cars and some of the aluminum-made office buildings out there. Our office containers are made to withstand heavy and harsh weather.

Have you ever experienced an office with a leaky roof or door? That is definitely a headache. Carpeting or paperwork could get wet. Offices and water typically don’t go together, but a container office (at least the ones from Tuff Box) don’t have that issue. With solid construction of steel plates welded together, (and our watertight guarantee), a rental container office will not leak, saving your paperwork and other important materials, plus the headache of any surprise bills for clean up, later.

Heating and Air Conditioning

If you’ve ever been out in the hot summer sun, working in a booth without air conditioning, you know how much you would love to have it available. Being stuck inside of a tiny box without air flow, in the summer, can be a nightmare. Especially if you add more bodies inside of that booth. Yikes. Having a rental container office with air conditioning can save you and your people from that nightmare! That cool breeze of a commercial grade HVAC system will save you not only in the summer, but in the winter, as well, when you can also turn on the heat to keep everyone warm.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Every industrial rental office should come equipped with efficient LED lighting systems inside. Who needs ugly, glaring fluorescent lighting dragging you down? LED lighting will save your energy consumption, your expenses for electricity, and your sanity.

Electrical and Cable in a Rental Office?

Of course you need electricity, but what about cable or internet? Rental office containers are offered with cable and multiple electrical outlets. If you’re in it for the long haul on a big project, the little things can mean a lot, and who doesn’t need cable and/or internet these days? You have paperwork to track and email. You can mark outlets and cable connections off of your needs list with a container office. No need for those mobile broadband cards or trying to tether your mobile phone to your laptop.

Easily Moved with a Forklift

Some other offices can be a pain to move or setup. Some even require some assembly once they are on location! But did you know a container office can be easily laid down, complete with ground level access (meaning no more stairs to climb), and moved into position with a forklift? Those “some assembly required” office setups can’t do that.

Security, Security, Security

Storage security is important. No one wants to come to their work day and find that their office has been trashed by a group of delinquent teenagers in the middle of the night or that anything has been stolen. A rental office container from Tuff Box offers reinforced entry points on the doors and windows, special locks, and lock guards, so it will be very, very difficult to get into your office area, if anyone manages to do so. Compare this to other typical temporary offices that don’t have this kind of added protection. That seems like a pretty big hassle to deal with.

Air Vents for Storage

Have you left items behind in other offices only to find an overwhelming thickness in the air when you return? Without air movement, sometimes your office can smell, or get too humid, causing a thick, moist fog to hover inside, which can ruin some items, or at the least, make people uncomfortable, possibly even sick. We can’t be sure about all the rest, but most Tuff Box container office combos are humidity controlled with air vents, so they will keep your items sheltered from whatever climate you may be in, without a build up of moisture or humidity inside the container which can affect or even ruin your equipment, tools, or other stored items, such as bags of concrete or cans of paint.

Commercial Grade Flooring

You may have never thought about the flooring in your rental office before, but it can make a difference. From wooden flooring, tile, or carpet, many office solutions have different kinds of flooring, which can be difficult to manage and keep clean, especially if people using them don’t care, or work in dirty places. Our commercial grade floors are easy to clean, durable, and aside from that, your flooring isn’t going to creak or bend on you, either.

If you’ve been questioning whether you should look into a different kind of rental office solution, this article probably has helped you see all of the benefits to using a rental office container one versus other temporary office options that may seem similar, but really can’t measure up. If you are interested in learning more about our office container fleet, give us a call at 855-861-2872 and we can give you a custom quote with delivery over the phone.

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