News Release: Find Tuff Box Containers at Lowe's

June 1, 2018


Tuff Box Containers Partners with Lowe’s

Customers may now find containers at participating locations

[Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 01 2018 ⎻ ] Tuff Box Containers is happy to announce that customers may now order their shipping container at participating Lowe’s locations across the Tulsa area.

Tuff Box works to meet their customers where they are. This is partnership is an excellent means for the company to reach a wider variety of customers and offers an ease of convenience for the buyer.

Locations offer a choice of either new or used containers for purchase and also contains an option for ordering a custom container. Lowe’s visitors need only to visit the “Pro Desk” at their neighborhood Lowe’s to find the appropriate order form.

Customers may use their Lowe’s Card or In-Store Special Financing to purchase their new, used or custom container. The container will then be delivered right to the customer’s doorstep.

Tuff Box offers one of the largest selections of containers in the state of Oklahoma.

Every container is professionally maintained, cleaned, and readily available for prompt delivery.


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