How to Buy a Storage Container on a Budget

January 31, 2018

So you want to know how to buy a storage container, and you need it to be affordable, because who has the time or money to mess around with some expensive process when you just need a container to store some stuff, right? Well beyond buying your storage container from Tuff Box, where we will take care of all of the hard work for you, it’s possible to gain access to your own storage containers, if you know what to do and have the willingness to make a drive and secure some transport.

Can you Buy a Storage Container and Stick to a Budget?

It’s true that you can get some storage or shipping containers for a pretty good price -- if you’re on the coast. But in landlocked states (like Oklahoma and Arkansas - where we’re located), where access to the waterway is pretty limited, it means you’re also going to need to budget for access to a trailer truck that can carry the heavy load, and then transport your newly purchased shipping container from somewhere like Louisiana, or Chicago, IL into Oklahoma.

Don’t Blow Your Budget!

First things first; check to see there aren’t any zoning codes from your city that don’t allow you to have a storage container on your land or property. Some codes have requirements about where you can place your container (such as in your yard or on the driveway), so it’s best to be sure that you know the rules where you live. It might be easy to blow your budget on finding someone to move the container for you again, after you have it placed, or possibly on fines from your city. Don’t let this happen to you. Just check with your local government before you place your order.

The Steps to Buy a Storage Container

After you have verified there are no special permits or requirements for you to put a container on your property, the next step would be to go down to a port and find someone that is willing to offload a shipping container (which isn’t too hard to find), for your cold hard cash and buy a storage container. You’ll probably spend a small amount of your budget on the actual container, however, you’ll have to load the container onto your own truck. You’ll also need to be sure you’ve rented one of those or that you’ll be able to rent one once you’re in town.

Next, you may be able to get the shipper (the person you’re buying from) to load the storage container onto your truck, which will help, but if not, you’ll also need to budget for someone to help you get the container onto the rented tilt bed truck or trailer. Be sure to call around for prices of these various tasks to get the best deal for your money

Finally, once your new container is loaded onto the flatbed trailer, it’ll start toward your destination and depending on how far away this is, you may be spending $1,200, give or take, just for the truck, not to mention the mileage and distance you may be traveling. All of this is on top of food, lodging (if you had any), and the container purchase.

Once you’re home again, you’ll need to have a fairly flat foundation for the box to be slid onto. The best idea is to have a concrete or gravel pad already poured or laid out, or at the least, a leveled plot of your property, already cleared for the flatbed to lift and slide your new storage container onto the ground, before you ever actually buy a storage container. Once the driver puts the storage container down, you’re done! Congratulations. You’ve managed to buy a storage container, get it to your home, and unloaded.

Cut Yourself and Your Budget a Break

While that description sounds wonderful and easy, we can assure you for the average person that just wants to buy a storage container, it’s a ton of hassle and a little more difficult than it seems. Most of the people at the dock that own the containers don’t want to fool around with people that don’t know what they’re doing. Which is why when you buy a storage container, using someone in the middle, with relationships to these vendors, someone like Tuff Box, will save you a ton of headache, time, and money!

Make It Easy on Yourself When You Buy a Storage Container

Make it easy; on yourself and your budget. Visit a local, well-stocked shipping container supplier, view what they have available, see the containers for yourself and pick out the one you like the most. A good supplier will have affordable payments, delivery available, and can make buying a storage container much easier than trying to find all of the pieces to the puzzle of the process we outlined before. In both scenarios you’ll get your container, but in the second one, you won’t have to worry about those other, extra fees and charges.

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