Containers for Off Grid Living

December 19, 2018

Building with shipping containers is an affordable, convenient and secure means of crafting the ideal offgrid living situation. Whether you choose to build a cabin, small house or large structure, containers are easily more affordable and easy to work with than traditional building materials. Here, we will share with you a few inspirational off grid spaces to help you plan out your next build.

Here are a few awesome examples of off grid shipping container structures:

This off grid house is seated on a mountain top in British Columbia, Canada. The house boasts that it is completely off grid with reliance on solar power, rainwater, well water and compost restrooms. See the house here

This container home is built of 2 used 40ft containers sat side by side. The container home is completely solar powered with the water source being a nearby bore. Check it out here

When an Aussie tired of the big city life decided to build his own home off the beaten path, he turned to shipping containers. This offgrid home is an excellent example because it gives an idea of just how affordable shipping container living can be. The builder shares that he bought his container for $6,400 and built his entire home for a total cost of $45,000. See it here

  1. This off grid shipping container cabin was built to utilize the security feature of shipping containers. Set in Ontario, Canada, the owner wanted a place that could be considered off grid and left for many weeks at a time while still remaining secure. Check it out here

Whether your structure is completely or partially off grid, shipping containers are a solid go to foundation choice. If you would be interested in creating your own custom off grid structure, look no further! Tuff Box offers 20ft, 40ft and 45ft shipping containers in all variety of grades. Whether you choose a used or one trip container, our diverse fleet is sure to have the container perfect for your needs. Get in touch today at 855-861-2872 or visit our purchase page here.

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