Container Farms: Modern Farming Solutions

December 12, 2018

Agriculture is by far one of the toughest industries of the modern age. Tough to get into, tough to survive in and tough to find a decent ROI. With an ever increasing population and demand, farmers are being forced to quickly find a way to keep up with the pace. This has led to a slew of issues for both farmers and consumers including resource depletion, degradation of farm land, lack of food security, decrease in food quality and a huge disconnect between farmers and consumers. Although many farmers and agriculturalists will continue to conduct business as usual, many small operations, local residents and large institutions alike have begun to seek out alternative methods of producing commodities of their own. One fast growing trend we have come upon recently is shipping container farms. Here, we’ll take a look at this relatively new innovation and all that it offers to modern farming.

In researching, we continually stumbled upon Freight Farms. Their star product, “The Leafy Green Machine” is a 40ft container that is generating a massive amount of change. The company boast that anyone (even if they do not have farming experience) can use this product to yield up to 150 lbs of produce per week. All that is needed is a 50’ x 10’ plot of leveled land, access to electricity and a designated water source nearby. Freight Farms says their machine uses 90% less water than traditional farming methods and offers sustainable farming solutions. Universities, local farmers and average joe's all have a stake in this as we all need to eat at the end of the day AND the product takes no experience to use.

Freight Farms also gives a feel that they aim to foster a community mindset. They feature stories of local growers, community efforts, academic efforts and more. It truly seems that with their product, you are not only buying a shipping container farm but also a community of like minded individuals to coach you through.

There are similar brands such as GrowBoxCo that allow you to customize your container. This may be more beneficial to those who don’t want a cookie cutter container OR want to opt for a smaller farm in a smaller container (i.e. a 10ft container).

Although there are many container farms and small operations popping up every day, there is still much growth to be had. If you’d like to find more information on purchasing a 10ft, 20ft, 40ft or 45ft shipping container of your own, get in touch today at 855-861-2872.

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