Business Ideas Using Shipping Containers

September 12, 2018

When it comes to small business, the need to be competitive can not be understated. According to an article written by Forbes, “There are almost 28 million small businesses in the US and over 22 million are self employed with no additional payroll or employees.” With so many businesses worldwide, owners are looking to stand out in any way they can. Enter shipping containers.

ANYTHING a business can do to be unique will help success in the long run but running a business out of a shipping container automatically makes your business a novelty. Below are a few business ideas to go along with your next shipping container purchase:

  • Flower Shop - Stand out from the chain stores, grocers and small flower stands with a unique and sizable shipping container. Flowers are generally a seasonal business but running your operation out of a well designed custom shipping container is sure to keep the business coming year round!
  • Antique Shop - Mix the old with the new with a shipping container antique shop. Flea markets and antique shops are a dime a dozen nowadays but customers will never miss your unique and custom shipping container. Customers will enjoy the originality and spread the word to their fellow thrifters.
  • Seasonal Business - (Fireworks Stand, Sno Cone Stand, Lemonade Stand, etc.) Stand out from other typical seasonal businesses by creating a custom shipping container for you various businesses. Whatever the weather, your shipping container will be better prepared to provide shelter and security to your business.
  • Yoga/Fitness Studio - Rake in those millennials with what is sure to be prime Instagram photo bait. Customize your studio with locker space, platforms, large windows, etc. Shipping containers are highly customizable and capable of molding to the needs of a unique studio
  • Restaurant/Bar - Serve your burgers and beer from anywhere. Our shipping containers are ready to be placed into whatever space you may have in mind, big or small. Whether you’re looking to start your business in the big city or just off of the water, our shipping containers are sure to catch your customer’s eye and keep your business secure.
  • Clothing Store - Retail stores will enjoy all of the obvious customization options offered by shipping containers but possibly the most important aspect here is safety. Thieves often find retail stores to be easy targets as they are not well guarded after hours and stores are oftentimes too large to guard during business hours. Keeping your clothing store intimate and well guarded after hours may well be the best way to ensure your products are safe.

As emphasized above, being noticed in an overcrowded market is becoming harder and harder. Shipping containers offer and easy and effective means of sticking out in a crowd. Tuff Box offers a variety of container options and sizes for your convenience. Be sure to visit our website today or give us a call at 855-861-2872 to learn more about how we can help transform your small business’ future.

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