Building a Conex Box House

April 13, 2018

If you search for the phrase “Conex box” Google returns about 521,000 results (at the time of writing our article) but when you search for the phrase “Conex box house” Google gave us 829,000 results, so it’s pretty apparent that people want to know how to build their own homes out of a conex box. Luckily, this article is ready to show you what you need to do in order to build your own (and how Tuff Box can help you with that).

What is a Conex Box House?

The name Conex comes from the origin of the containers being called the “Container Express” transportation system in the 1950’s, based on a different system created during the Korean War. The Conex system was created to be more modular, and that is why it works so well to this day. You can call them a conex box, a conex container, a connex, a shipping container, or a storage container, but they are all the same thing.

Planning Your Tiny Home Project

In order to begin building your conex box house, you’ll need to plan out quite a few things, so that you don’t run into problems down the line. Things like your budget, your needs, how you plan to use the home, placement, and other considerations are all important to plan out before you ever even consider buying your storage container.

So take a look at how much money you would like to spend overall on your project. Do you have $10,000 or $25,000? Or do you only have $7,000? Whatever answer you have, you’ll need to consider how much this limits or expands on your plans. So sit down and take a look at your numbers and consider how much cash you have on hand and/or how much money you’ll need to add to your current number. If you’re already ready and have all the money you need, the next step is planning out your layout and how you plan to use your conex house.Plan Out Your Conex Box Layout

Will your conex box house have one floor or two? Will it be made from new or used containers? Do you plan to have one bedroom or more? Will this truly be a tiny house or will you be using multiple conex boxes for a modular home? All of these things must be considered for your budget and is the blueprint for your entire project. Knowing what your end goal is going to be will help save you a ton of time and even money as you will be avoiding a lot of random changes and questions that you didn’t consider before. By thinking about what you want out of your conex box house now, you eliminate most foreseeable issues.

Common Problems When Building a Conex Box House

A common issue with building a tiny home or a full blown house out of conex boxes or storage containers is that people want to do too much to the containers. They take out too much steel which can cause issues with stability and strength. The last thing you want is to try living in a steel box that could potentially fall in on you!

Another common problem? Not using a high cube container, which will give you an extra foot in space which is pretty necessary if you plan to add insulation (and you probably do). And buying a used container will obviously save you money, but you should still go physically see the containers you plan to use. By taking a look for yourself, you can help guarantee that your conex box house will be up to your standards.

And one other consideration should be your builder. Has your contractor ever had experience building conex box houses? If not, you may want to move on. Even contractors have a learning curve when it comes to customizing a conex box, or utilizing them for a home build, so if they’ve never done it before, you’ll be using your money for that education, which can also end up in disaster or at the least a lot of costly mistakes because no one knew any better.

Find Conex Box Homes for Sale

Here’s one area where we can help the most! Tuff Box offers a multitude of storage containers that will serve perfectly for your needs. You can find anything from a well-used steel container to a “one trip” Tuff Box in anything from 10-foot all the way to 45-foot (and high cube!) sizes. All of our containers come well equipped with lock guards for security, and we have custom options available for colors, windows, doors, HVAC and more, which would be especially handy for your tiny home projects.

For your larger projects, you may need the help of your builder, but we offer all sorts of customizations, so just reach out and let us know what you need, so we can let you know if we satisfy those needs.

Check Regulations

Be sure that your city or county regulations and zoning are in check and that you can even have a home from containers or what other laws or even licenses you may need in order to get started. Permits can really set you back if you don’t have them before you get started, and can even cause your builder to have to halt on your project until things can get worked out. No one wants to be 3 months into their build just to find out they have to stop or even tear back down and start over just because there was a missing piece of paper somewhere along the way. So call your city or county government and let them know what you plan to do and ask if there is anything you need before you get started so you can avoid situations like this. They can cost you a ton of money if you don’t!

Get Started!

After you have delved into your planning period and have everything nailed down, you can get started on your new conex box house! We hope you enjoy the process and have found a partner in your project that you trust. We look forward to being a part of that team! Just let us know if we can help. Call us at 855-861-2872 to get your quote today!

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