3 Reasons your farm desperately needs shipping container storage

September 18, 2018

The uses for shipping containers are becoming more widely known but can oftentimes be understated. Though shipping containers are commonly used for storage and office uses on construction sites, the benefits of this versatile product can also be applied to agricultural storage. As your trusted source for all things shipping containers, we wanted to present you with the top 5 uses for storage containers in agriculture.

1. Safe feed/grain storage

Whether you are looking for temporary or year round storage, our 20ft container will keep your feed dry and safe from the elements. Often times, feed storage bins made of wood or cheap metal can not offer solid protection and are prone to small leaks or rust. Tuff Box containers are built to withstand the elements, rain or shine. Our shipping containers come in a variety of sizes to cater to your grain storage and feed storage needs.

2. Secure equipment storage

Theft is not just an urban problem. Though we’d all love to trust that our neighbors would never steal from us, it is just not worth the gamble when it comes to your costly equipment. Find peace of mind with a container equipped with lock guards and barred windows to prevent thieves from accessing your storage. Shipping containers with custom locks and vents are great for securely storing any range/size of tool. From tractors, trucks and 4 wheelers to plows and chemical applicators; shipping containers are a safe option to store all of the above.

3. Place your storage anywhere

Often times, the conditions on the farm are unpredictable. You may or may not have room in the conventional storage spots. With a shipping container, the placement options become limitless. Need your equipment out in the middle of the ranch? No big deal. Need to move your storage closer to the house? No problem, just load up your container and haul it over. With the ease and mobility of shipping containers, your storage can be placed where it is most convenient for YOU.

4. Keep your animals dry

A barn build can be time consuming, pricy and not worth the efforts in the end. Commonly used wood and tin structures are susceptible to rain damage and rust. Using a custom Tuff Box shipping container will ensure that your animals are kept safe from the elements and secured.

5. Affordable housing

Often times houses in rural America are either passed down from generation to generation or they are mobile. This means that all too often, a farmer’s home can fall into disrepair and be vulnerable to any number of issues. Shipping containers offer an affordable alternative to costly mortgages, cuts build costs and are built to stand the test of time. Containers will also offer the mobility that owners enjoy while still remaining structurally sound.

The only limitation with this product is your imagination. When it comes to agriculture, the number one factor in anything is safety and cost efficiency. Our shipping containers tick off both of those boxes and much more. Find out more about our containers for sale here.

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